Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tune of Subjective Thought

People can create a sense of belonging and understanding through the exploration of different musical genres. Music provides something people can relate to. Music takes us to places far beyond our life and our troubles. It creates trends, makes us dance and sing, it can even start revolutions.

Although our tastes may differ and vary among genres, we can all appreciate what looks, feels and sounds good to us. Music, like art, is a portrait of who we are deep inside.

I’ve been trying to get this blog started up for a long time now. It wasn’t till my longtime friend Kathy and I got together and said, “Wouldn’t it be great to create a blog where we can we can share our ideas,
thoughts, and our love for music?" that the idea began developing.

So here we both are, trying to create a ripple in a world filled with people with contrasting ideals - ideals that are set apart by constantly striving for individuality

While we do share some common musical interests, our individual tastes and approaches tend to be quite different. This is actually a good thing. I will be sharing my musical insights by offering guides to new music, trends and up-and-coming genres. I'll publish weekly blogs that will be broken down into three categories:

Subterrestrial Miami

I will post a new blog every Friday reviewing bands/artist/performers in the Miami underground
scène. I’m not talking about Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, and Flo Rida. There is more to “the 305” than meets
the eye. Miami is filled with many artists, bands, and performers with eclectic talents. This will be a
great guide for MIA locals and I hope it will be a fun way to spread the word to tourists trying to get a feel for what the Miami music scene is really all about.

The World of K-pop

And I don’t just mean Gangnam Style! K-pop is Korean pop music. Having gained
popularity through this miraculous thing called the Internet, K-pop has since received worldwide recognition for its unique talent. Taking influence from Western music, K-pop has perfected the art of fun, catchy,
electronic dance songs by showcasing music videos involving choreography, multiple group members, complex concepts and marketing.

Following the Stream

These posts will follow the most popular trends in the mainstream. These, of course, will be made up of my viewpoints on the popular music of today, the up-and-coming music of tomorrow, and the popular music of the past.

My first post, 'Subterrestrial Miami' will be published on Monday, followed by 'The World of K-pop' on Wednesday and concluded by ‘Following the Stream.’

Kathy's approach may or may not be so methodical, I'll leave that up to her and you'll just have to check in with us regularly.

Our hope is that our differences will lead to the formation of a unique musical guide that you'll all enjoy and share with friends. Hope to see you guys back here real soon!

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