Monday, March 18, 2013

Chrysalis Records: Fun Boy Three

Yeah this is the first post, but introductions are bourgeois so let's get right to it. 

Once upon a time, Chrysalis Records was one of the tripindicular vanguard labels for 80s New Wave.

They didn't just represent New Romantic bands in their native UK (think Spandau Ballet,) but hoards of other bands spanning the obscure, the well-known, and the in between.

Some of these bands, like Blondie and Billy Idol, are currently gang rep'd on Forever 21 t-shirts. Others, like Pere Ubu, have only gotten recent U.S exposure when I've played them with my car windows down.

Chrysalis Records is now defunct which is totally bogus, but I'll do my part as an unabashed, armchair 80s wonk to introduce to the two or three of you out there reading this, some of their bands.

Up first and embedded above (here's the link in case YouTube gets all fascist) is Fun Boy Three. Made up of three expats from The Specials, the band was active three short years and put out two albums.

Describing New Wave is like describing Postmodernism, so I'll go into further detail about what this means in future posts. For now, I'll just describe their sound as loungey New Wave with Ska swirled in and you'll just have to live with that. 

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